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Company culture

Company culture

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Company Purpose:

The company's main purpose is to strive for broad prospects with advanced manufacturing technology and dedicated service.

Enterprises provide customers with design and manufacturing advice, reasonable price, quality monitoring, the establishment of 100% punctual delivery system and other good services, in order to achieve customer quality requirements and the company's operating objectives.




Dedicated to becoming a professional supplier of custom iron core and various winding products for motor development


Enterprise Spirit:

Team, Collaboration, Pragmatism and Innovation


Corporate Values:

Quality is the life, service is the key, innovation is the motive force and honesty is the principle.


Quality concept:

Continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence





Service is the key: It is our responsibility to provide customer satisfaction service

Innovation is the motive force: technology as the guiding principle, creativity as the leading factor, and striving to develop new products

Credit is the principle: seeking truth from facts, putting people first and operating in good faith

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