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Tungsten carbide steel core

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Tungsten carbide steel core

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Motor core, the corresponding English Name: motor core, as the core component of the motor, iron core is a non professional term in the electrical industry, that is, iron core. The iron core (magnetic core) plays an important role in the whole motor. It is used to increase the magnetic flux of the inductance coil and realize the maximum conversion of electromagnetic power. The motor core is usually composed of a stator and a rotor. The stator is usually used as a non rotating part, while the rotor is usually embedded in the internal position of the stator.

The application range of motor iron core is very wide. Stepping motor, AC / DC motor, reduction motor, outer rotor motor, shaded pole motor, synchronous asynchronous motor and so on are widely used. For the finished motor, the motor iron core plays a key role in the motor accessories. In order to improve the overall performance of a motor, it is necessary to improve the performance of the motor core. Generally, this performance can be solved by improving the material of iron core punching piece, adjusting the permeability of its material, and controlling the size of iron loss.

The punching process is that after the punched strip comes out of the coil, it is leveled by the leveling machine, and then automatically fed by the automatic feeding device, and then the strip enters the die, which can continuously complete the punching of blanking, forming, finishing, edge cutting, automatic lamination of iron core, blanking with twisted and inclined lamination, and blanking with rotary lamination, until the finished products of iron core parts are transported out of the die, The whole punching process is automatically completed on the high-speed punch

Overview of progressive die for stator and rotor iron core of motor

In the motor industry, stator and rotor iron core is one of the important parts of the motor. Its quality directly affects the technical performance of the motor. The traditional method of making iron core is to punch stator and rotor punching pieces (loose pieces) with ordinary molds, and then make the iron core through the process of rivet riveting, buckle piece or argon arc welding

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