Mould design

Over the years, Yanuo Mold has designed hundreds of different plastic parts. Whether you need basic or complex dies, we have the ability and experience to design precise dies on time for you.


2D Mould design


Pictures of all die components used in Yanuo Mold provide complete and detailed die design, including die layout and component drawings with separate material lists. Each design contains a tooling manual. The manual details and covers all important die characteristics and information about special dies. We also provide schematic diagrams of pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical and hot runners where appropriate. Have checklist of design completion to ensure that die design has been completed and meets customer expectations of high quality standards. This is an example of 2D layout for injection mold design. It shows the cross section and side view of the assembled mold. We believe that we can provide the best design and engineering services. We constantly improve our capabilities to meet the changing needs of our customers.


For more information on the design of injection moulds, please feel free to contact us.


3D Mould design


We use Unigraphics software to provide a wide range of 3D die design services ranging from simple parting lines to complete 3D die components. Our 3D die design model includes all parting lines, circles, corners and drafts.


We deliver 3-D die designs and individual component models for machine core, cavity, sliding surface and spark machine electrodes to NC programming die manufacturers. By making die components into 3D solid models, NC tool paths can be programmed directly from the geometric figures obtained by Unigraphics. 2D reference materials and detailed drawings are completed in Unigraphics or exported to various other CAD packages.


Our engineering staff will work with you to develop the molds you need with three-dimensional models and state-of-the-art technology to ensure accurate results.