Car replacement parts cycle


Like a person, once a person is old, there will be a small problem in the legs and legs. Lighter people will affect daily driving. In serious cases, even driving safety will be dangerous. But do the small partners know the life and replacement cycle of the various parts of the car?


[1. Tire, replacement cycle: 50,000-80,000 km].


Normally, the tire replacement period is between 50,000 and 80,000 kilometers, but as the use time and the number of kilometers increase, if the sidewall is found to have cracks or the tread depth is less than 1.6 mm, even if there is no replacement cycle, Replace it in time.


[2. Brake pad, replacement cycle: 30,000 km]


After several years or tens of thousands of kilometers, the thickness of the brake pads will gradually become thinner. When the thickness is less than 0.6 cm, it must be replaced. In general, the brake pads are periodically replaced every 30,000 kilometers。


[3. Shock absorber, replacement cycle: 100,000 km]


The shock absorber takes on all the weight of the car. The key to judging the good working condition of the shock absorber is to check whether there is any oil leakage. If the car is often driving in the environment where the road is pitted and the road conditions are not good, it is necessary to pay more attention to the inspection.


[4. Suspension control arm rubber sleeve, replacement cycle: 3 years]


After the rubber sleeve is damaged, the car will be swayed or deflected. Always check the chassis and related parts frequently during regular maintenance.


[5. Steering lever, replacement cycle: 70,000 km]


The slack of the steering rod will also be safe for driving. During maintenance, hold the lever and shake it vigorously. If there is no shaking, it means normal operation, otherwise it needs to be replaced immediately.




[6. Boot sleeve, replacement cycle: 80,000 km]


The boot is a rubber product that serves the steering mechanism and shock absorbers. Over time, they age and rupture, causing oil leakage.


[7. Ball head, replacement cycle: 80,000 km]


The ball head is like our limbs and is often in a rotating state. Lubrication becomes especially important. If the grease wrapped in the cage is deteriorated or damaged, the ball will be slack.


[8. Exhaust pipe, replacement cycle: 70,000 km]


With years of corrosion, the surface of the exhaust pipe becomes very brittle and even local leaks can occur. Lift the car to check the exhaust system for each maintenance.


[9. Engine timing belt, replacement cycle: 60,000 km]


The standard for judging whether the timing belt is working properly is very simple. When the engine starts, the belt makes a screaming sound, which means that the belt is aging, but if the car is equipped with a maintenance-free timing chain, in general, No need to replace.


[10. Spark plug, replacement cycle: 30,000 km]


The spark plug directly affects the performance and fuel consumption of the engine. The lack of maintenance for a long time will also increase the engine carbon deposit. If there is insufficient power or a significant drop during driving, it means that it should be replaced.


[11. Battery, replacement cycle: 60,000 km]


The method of protecting the battery is very simple. After the engine is turned off, do not use the car appliance for a long time or charge the phone because it will seriously affect the battery life.


[12. Oil filter, replacement cycle: 5,000 km]


The duty of the oil filter is to ensure the cleanness of the oil circuit. It is also to prevent the impurities from entering the oil and causing oxidation to cause the gel material to block the oil circuit. Therefore, the oil filter should be inspected frequently and replaced every 5,000 kilometers.


[13. Air filter, replacement cycle: 10,000 km]


The function of the air conditioner filter is to prevent the dust and particles from entering. If it is not cleaned or replaced for a long time, it cannot function to isolate the foreign matter from the door. Once the dust enters the engine, the cylinder wall will be abnormally worn.


[14. Gasoline filter, replacement cycle: 10,000 km]


Not only in gasoline, but also during the refueling process, some impurities or moisture are occasionally mixed. Therefore, the gasoline needs to be filtered before entering the gasoline pump to ensure the oil path is normal.


[15. Air conditioning filter, check every 10,000 kilometers]


Air conditioner filters are not cleaned or replaced for a long time. In addition to emitting unpleasant gases, large amounts of bacteria and dust can contaminate the interior environment and damage the occupants' respiratory system.


[16. Wiper, replacement cycle: 1 year]


In the face of the high temperature of the summer sun and the heavy snow in winter, long-term contact with the wind will cause the rubber components of the wiper to age prematurely. At the same time, avoid "dry scraping" when using, which will not only affect the life of the wiper but also scrape the wind.


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