Winding machine operating procedures


Pre-work preparation

Check the overall working environment around the winding machine.

Perform the necessary lubrication maintenance on the greasable parts.

Start the power supply, check the equipment for any abnormal conditions and confirm reliable operation.

Start work


Introduce the strip to the operating table for deformation.

Cut the first three teeth of the bar into a pointed shape (see sample).

Pull out the gear disengager handle.

Insert the sharpened strip under the compression wheel.

Attach the manual wrench to the spindle inside the winding barrel.

Turn the wrench in the direction of the strip to bring the strip through the scissors, insert the strip into the guide, align it with the cutting position and remove the manual wrench.

Press the reset switch to set the automatic and manual switches to the manual position.

Push in the gear disengager handle.

Adjust the number of laps of the main machine operation to set to one lap, press the start switch and observe the shearing position.

If the shearing position is not correct, pull out the gear disengager handle and adjust the gear position with a manual wrench or loosen the scissor holder screw to adjust the scissor position.

After the scissor position is accurate, set the number of laps of the main machine to 38, and set the automatic and manual switches to the automatic position.

Put away the manual wrench, clean up the operating table clutter, and put away the magnets and baffles.

Start the punch press and press the start button to begin production.

End of work


Carbon fiber tube winding mold forming process

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Precautions for daily use of the stator

The daily use of the stator winding machine has been a headache for people, then Taizhou Yangnuo Mould Co. First, the structure of the stator and rotor Stator winding machine is simple and convenient, and can be used for punching and cutting tensile test pieces and other test pieces of various shapes.


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