Automobile generator stator core manufacturer: the production process of automobile generator stator core


During generator operation, the automotive generator stator core will be subjected to various forces, of which the radial force wave between the rotor and stator forms a large percentage of the alternating magnetic pull and the self-weight of the core. If the automotive generator stator core is squeezed by slack during the manufacturing process, the radial force wave will cause vibration of the core and individual sector blocks with noise and tooth breakage.

Auto generator stator core

How are automotive generator stator cores manufactured?
(1) Commonly used transformer cores are usually made of silicon steel sheets.
(2) The core of transformers is made of silicon steel because silicon steel itself is a magnetic substance with strong permeability, which generates a large magnetic induction strength in the energized coil, thus reducing the size of the transformer.
(3) It is well known that the actual transformer always works in AC condition and the power loss exists not only in the coil resistance but also in the AC magnetized core. The power loss in the core is usually called "iron loss", which has two causes, one is "hysteresis loss" and the other is "eddy current loss".
(4) Hysteresis loss is the iron loss caused by hysteresis in the magnetization process of the core, which is proportional to the area surrounded by hysteresis lines. The hysteresis line of silicon steel is narrower, so as the core of the transformer hysteresis loss is small, which can greatly reduce the degree of heat generation.

Automotive generator stator core

Second, what are the advantages of automotive generator stator cores
(1) Some parts do not use stamping and lamination, and the dimensional accuracy is easy to control.
(2) Insertion line can be carried out by mechanized equipment, which can improve productivity and stabilize process quality by eliminating the influence of human factors and human skill differences.
(3) Some parts of automobile generator stator cores are directly manufactured by primary machining or other forming methods instead of stamping, which can reduce the scrap rate during manufacturing and transportation.
The above is what the auto generator stator core manufacturer tells you about the production process of auto generator stator core.


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