The role of automobile generator stator iron core


When the generator is in operation, the auto generator stator core is under the action of alternating magnetic field, and the hysteresis loss and eddy current loss will be generated in the auto generator stator core material, which will cause the auto generator stator core to heat up and its energy will be consumed in the form of heat. In order to reduce the hysteresis loss, the generator stator core is required to be made of silicon steel with good magnetic conductivity. In order to reduce eddy current losses, it is also necessary to insulate the silicon steel sheets from each other, and the thinner the silicon steel sheet, the better.

Theoretically, the thinner the silicon steel sheet used in the motor, the better, but too thin will increase the production cost of enterprises, and the mechanical strength will be weakened. After the thinning of the silicon steel sheet insulation layer accounted for a larger proportion, resulting in a lower stacking system, effectively reducing the effective area of the magnetic circuit. Therefore, generators generally use silicon steel sheets with a thickness of between 0.35 mm and 0.5 mm and a total thickness of the paint film on both sides of between about 0.02 and 0.025 ram.
In order to detect the operating temperature of the automotive generator stator core and stator winding during the operation of the generator. We placed thermometers in the wire groove of the stator core of the automotive generator. Most of the generators in general use resistance type pyrometer. This is a non-inductive winding resistance coil, the use of metal at different temperatures have different resistance characteristics, to indirectly reflect the temperature change, the higher the temperature, the higher the resistance value.
Check the thermometer must be in accordance with a certain location and number, placed in the back of the car generator stator core, the bottom of the wire groove, the upper and lower layer of the wire rod directly, etc.. Generally, the temperature measuring resistor is buried in a special line and led through a shielded wire. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the process, the line of the upper and lower wire rod uses a whole pad bar, whose installation and removal is the same as the ordinary pad bar, greatly simplifying the operation process.


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